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Open Letter To Our Valued Customers

Dear Friends,

First of all, allow me to thank you for being such a loyal and consistent customer to Dunreath Farm over the years. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we hope we have been successful in providing you with excellent customer service and products.

I never like having to write this letter, but it's unfortunately sometimes necessary. Due to the steady rise of grain prices, we had to increase our prices on our feeds. All of the grains used to make our feed have risen over the past year and we had been absorbing this cost hoping that the market would stabilize.

Soybeans have risen 39% since May and Corn rose 32%.

With this abrupt change in the market we find it necessary to raise our feed prices an average of 10% at this time. This is something we must do in order to continue to provide you with the quality you've come to expect from Dunreath Farm. Unlike other feed producers, we are not willing to add fillers to our feed to keep prices down.

We appreciate your understanding. Hopefully, grain prices will come down and we will adjust our prices accordingly. Please follow this link to our feed pricelist.

Thank you,

Steve and Stacey Chippendale

Scratch Grains

What is "Scratch" and why should I feed it to my chickens?

Chickens are compelled to scratch at the ground. They use their toes to mix up litter or scrape the ground in search of seeds, greens, grit, and insects to eat. Spreading scratch grains encourages this behavior. Scratch is also used to help chickens generate energy in cold months or simply as a treat. It's also a great training tool and prevents boredom.

Scratch is not intended to be the only food source for your chickens. You should think of scratch as more of a treat or supplement. It should be used in combination with a complete feed diet.

The Dunreath Farm blend of scratch is made from Non-GMO corn, wheat, barley, milo, peanuts (when available), and sunflower seeds making it both tasty as well as energy rich for when the weather turns cold.

We recommend feeding scratch to chickens in the afternoon after birds have eaten their normal feed diet.

Provide only as much scratch grains as chickens can finish in 15 to 20 minutes.

When feeding scratch grains to chickens, it is also important to provide grit to help the chickens grind and digest the grains properly. If chickens have access to the ground, they can typically find enough grit in the form for small rocks or pebbles, but it is helpful to supply commercial grit. Oyster shell should not be used as grit since it is too soft and does not aid in grinding. In addition, growing chickens have a lower calcium requirement, and too much calcium can adversely affect their kidneys.

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We do not sell eggs or meat.

If you are looking for eggs, meat, vegetables or other farm products, please visit our Marketplace. We have a list of Dunreath Farm customers that sell these products.

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