We have Layer Feed, Poultry Grower,  Chick Starter and Scratch in stock. 

Pig and Ewe feed is now available on an advance preorder only. Please email your order and it will be available on our next feed shipment (usually a few business days).


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Dunreath Farm
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Pullets Are Coming

Below is a tentative schedule for pullets for this year. The supply chain for pullets is uncertain and we have made our best predictions of when we will have them in stock.

We are not taking reservations or pre-orders for pullets. They will be available on a first come, first served basis.

They will be approximately 16 weeks old.

We will update our website with prices and dates when available.

Barred Rock Pullets - Starting April 28th - $29 each

Golden Comets - May TBD - $20 each

Black Star, Americana - Starting June 9th - $29 each

Gold Laced Wyandotte, Brahma - Starting June 30th - $29 each

Golden Comets - June TBD

Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex - July TBD

Silver Laced Wyandotte, Welsummer - August TBD

Australorp, Americana - September TBD

Due to State regulations, we do not sell birds to be transported out of Virginia.    

Guinea Keets Coming This Month

We will have newly hatched keets starting on March 30. They are priced at $7.95 each for 3 to 9. if you buy 10 or more $6.95 each.

We raise Jumbo Pearl Guineas because they have proven to be much calmer and more cooperative about staying on their owner's property. The flock will spend the day patrolling for bugs and at night they will come back to their coop or barn to roost. If they see a predator, they announce it loudly so all the other birds and humans will know that danger is nearby.

Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail – Sold Out

JMF (James Marie Farm) Jumbo Brown quail are the industry standard for Coturnix. They are great for meat or eggs. Nearly twice the size of standard Coturnix, Jumbo Brown quail finish at 12-14 oz and lay 12-16 gram eggs. The Jumbo Brown are easy to sex by chest feather coloration.

Scratch Grains

What is "Scratch" and why should I feed it to my chickens?

Chickens are compelled to scratch at the ground. They use their toes to mix up litter or scrape the ground in search of seeds, greens, grit, and insects to eat. Spreading scratch grains encourages this behavior. Scratch is also used to help chickens generate energy in cold months or simply as a treat. It's also a great training tool and prevents boredom.

Scratch is not intended to be the only food source for your chickens. You should think of scratch as more of a treat or supplement. It should be used in combination with a complete feed diet.

The Dunreath Farm blend of scratch is made from Non-GMO Corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Soybeans, Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Oil making it both tasty as well as energy rich for when the weather turns cold.

We recommend feeding scratch to chickens in the afternoon after birds have eaten their normal feed diet.

Provide only as much scratch grains as chickens can finish in 15 to 20 minutes.

When feeding scratch grains to chickens, it is also important to provide grit to help the chickens grind and digest the grains properly. If chickens have access to the ground, they can typically find enough grit in the form for small rocks or pebbles, but it is helpful to supply commercial grit. Oyster shell should not be used as grit since it is too soft and does not aid in grinding. In addition, growing chickens have a lower calcium requirement, and too much calcium can adversely affect their kidneys.

American Blue Rabbits


Sold Out. More coming soon. We will post when they are available.

American Blue rabbits will exceed your expectations as a pet rabbit or as breeders in your meat rabbit program. Americans have wonderful, calm temperaments and are beautiful to look at. Crossed with other breeds their offspring are quick growing and feed efficient.

Our American breeders are mostly pedigreed stock. Some of our bunnies have been shown by 4H kids and we have been told numerous times that the judges said they have excellent qualities. American Blues are very rare.

In our experience American Blues have a much better temperament than any of the other large breeds that we have owned. They love to interact with humans and come up to us every time we open the cage door. They are a hardy breed, docile in nature, produce large litters and are typically good mothers. They are large rabbits weighing around 10 pounds. They grow quickly and are easily kept on wire bottom hutches or in colonies.

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