Marketplace Form



Stacey and I are contacted on a regular basis from people wanting to buy fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, etc. or are in need of services such a poultry processing or veterinary services.  We believe in supporting our family of customers who own small businesses. We would like to connect these people with our loyal customers who produce goods on their farm or offer farm related services.

If you are a customer of Dunreath Farm and would like to list the goods or services that you provide, please complete the form below and we will add you to our Marketplace Directory.

There is no cost to you, our loyal customers. We just believe that small businesses should support each other.

We encourage you to submit a logo to be included in the directory. Please email your image to For best results, the image size should be 600 x 600 pixels.

The items listed for sale can only be items that you produce on your farm and may not include live animals or hatching eggs. Please do not include any items for sale that you purchase for resale. To be listed in this directory, you must be an active customer of Dunreath Farm.

By submitting this form you give your permission to Dunreath Farm to post this information on the internet or use in printed materials.