Airlie Pastures – Doswell, VA

Plenty of brown chicken eggs some white. Prefer to sell them as a mix but can sell each separate. Have limited quantity of duck eggs. We use the Non-GMO feed from Dunreath Farm so you know they eat well!

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Big Ts Place

Ducks are feed Dunreath Farm Non GMO feed and are free range

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Carter Chicken Farm – Kents Store, VA

Fresh Eggs! Serving central Virginia. Charlottesville to Richmond

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Chickabee Farms – Spotsylvania, VA

Chickabee Farms is a small backyard smattering of fowl, livestock of the buzzing variety, and peppers a plenty. Novice at farming with a history of expertise in animal caring, garden starting, and small business loving. Come by and pick up your needs in duck,

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Crazy Creek Farm

We are a small family owned farm. As a family farm we welcome people to visit, with appointment.
Can process your chickens here at farm. Please contact for more information. Animals are fed feed from Dunreath Farm.

We make chicken liver pate from our meat birds.

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Dogwood Creek Farm LLC – Powhatan, VA

We sell farm-raised chicken and eggs. Our meat chickens are Freedom Rangers (a slower growing and more active alternative to the commercially used meatbirds). They are fed Dunreath Farm non-GMO feed and live in mobile coops outside where they can forage for greens and bugs.

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Ducks and More – Providence Forge, VA 23140

Ducks are feed Non GMO feed from Dunreath Farm and are free range.


Water Hyacinths and sometimes vegetables

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Manakin Eggs – Manakin-Sabot

We sell eggs from golden comet chickens raised on Dunreath Farm’s non-gmo layer feed. They are happy free range chickens and the eggs are delicious.

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Peacemeal Farm – Louisa, VA

We raise our animals on pasture in a way that they can express their natural selves, and treat them with compassion. Our chickens are supplemented with Dunreath’s non-gmo feed. Our meat chickens are Freedom Ranger which is a delicious meat bird that performs well on pasture.

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Stargell’s Apiaries – Henrico, VA

We are a small honey farm in eastern Henrico county. We migrate to Georgia and Florida in the winter for better hopes in our bees surviving winters. We sell packages and nucs and honey also sell eggs from our chickens.

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SZ Farm – Woodford, VA

Offering for sale home-raised high quality Hereford beef. Processed, dry-aged, frozen, and vacuum-packed at a USDA facility. Full range of cuts including steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef, organ meat. Purchase individually or in family pack. E-mail me for price list and availability.

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Taylor’s Farm – Manakin Sabot, VA

Heritage Breed Pigs raised locally and exclusively on Dunreath Farms feed.
Cut and packaged in a USDA Inspected Facility.  Products offered: Ground Italian Sausage, Breakfast Patties, Smoked Bacon, Spare/Short/Baby Back Ribs, Tenderloin, Loin Roast, Chops, Hocks, Ham Steak, Picnic/Boston Butt Roast,

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Teakwood Farm – Richmond, VA

We live in the city of Richmond. I have chickens and my husband has bees. I do sell my eggs and sometimes, my husband has honey to sell from his bees.


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The Lazy B – Ruther Glen, VA

We have 28 hens that are cage free, fed Non-GMO Amish feed from Dunreath Farm and free range for several hours each day. I have a variety of hens that lay white, brown, dark brown, olive, blue and green eggs.

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