SZ Farm – Woodford, VA

Offering for sale home-raised high quality Hereford beef. Processed, dry-aged, frozen, and vacuum-packed at a USDA facility. Full range of cuts including steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef, organ meat. Purchase individually or in family pack. E-mail me for price list and availability. Cattle are raised on pure, clean, Caroline County sunshine, water, grass, hay, and natural grain products. And love and respect!

Once you try beef like this, you will never purchase from the grocery store again!

Also always have available brown eggs fed with feed from our wonderful friends at Dunreath Farm. Hens free range all day in sunshine, fields and woods, making nice yellow yolks with diet rich in grass, bugs, and worms.
No chemicals used on farm.

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SZ Farm

Mary Hodge
Woodford, VA 22580 

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